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Aquaculture supply chain firms urged to apply to innovation fund

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the aquaculture sector in the Highlands and Islands are being reminded of the £1m Accelerated Aquaculture Innovation (AAI) fund.

The fund is currently being piloted by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) to boost innovation in the industry supply chain.

One of the first recipients is a project by Ferguson Transport & Shipping with their head office based at Corpach, who devised a new method for the efficient removal of fish mortalities from farms.

The project has been awarded £181,000 by the innovation fund. If successful, it could significantly reduce the impacts on fish farm operations.  read more…

Making a Splash by Generating Innovative Partnerships In Aquaculture

‘Innovation and The Ripple Effect’ by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) is published today – a progress report for 2014-2017.

Over the last three years, SAIC has connected companies who farm our seas with Scotland’s excellent universities – accelerating innovation, strengthening national food security and supporting environmental stewardship. SAIC has facilitated 16 collaborative projects with a combined investment of £17.9 million, delivering £3.60 for every £1 of public money.

The Ripple Effect tells the story of how working with 32 industry and 11 academic partners is making a positive impact on the aquaculture industry.  read more…

Record Levels of Salmon and Whisky Exports

Scotch whisky and salmon exports continue to grow at record levels, new figures for 2017 have shown.

In 2017, Scotch whisky exports from the UK were valued at £4.36 billion, up 9% (£356.3 million) compared to 2016.

Salmon exports grew to £600 million in 2017, up 35% (£155.5 million) compared to 2016.

The figures also show that Europe continues to be the top export market for salmon and Scotch whisky in terms of both value and volume.  read more…

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