Aquaculture 2030

Aquaculture in Scotland is diverse, from the farming of salmon and other finfish species, to the production of mussels and oysters and the harvesting of seaweed. The industry is a success story in Scotland and salmon is the country’s top food export.

In order to build on this success, a group of leading businesses and organisations in Scotland’s aquaculture industry have come together for the first time to create an ambitious new growth strategy for the sector – Aquaculture Growth to 2030.

The Aquaculture 2030 Strategy identifies key actions required to double the economic contribution of the industry from £1.8 billion in 2016, to £3.6 billion by 2030. It is estimated this will generate over 9,000 new jobs in the sector and establish Scotland as a global leader in the industry.

The strategy, developed after industry-wide consultation, sets out key recommendations for action by both the industry itself and government.

An Industry Leadership Group has now been established to oversee the delivery of Aquaculture 2030. This website will capture its work and progress.

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